Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am behind so I will do Day 06-Day 12. :)

Day 06: My Day

Well nothing exciting has happened today. I woke up super late, cause I could! :) I have the day off! I called about my car since they were supposed to call and let me know what they found out, but I found out that they still don't know cause it won't stall for them like it does me. But I told them to keep trying, cause I really want my car fixed!! Other then that..I started laundry and did some dishes. Its a lazy day for me. hehe

Day 07: My Best Friend

My best friend is Melissa. We have been best friends since about the 10th grade. We were friends before that but it wasn't til sophomore year we got to know each other even more. It was one night when she called and asked me to hang out with her and her friends and I said sure..and we ended up in a fit of laughter over knocking over flower pots at her friends house. Its a "you had to be there" moment. lol But ever since that day we've been best friends. She's amazing. She can cheer me up..and she has a 1 1/2 year old son and he helps cheer me up too! :) I don't know what I'd do without them!

Day 08: One Moment

I'm not exactly sure what I am to put here...one moment in my life that I'll never forget is the day I meant the guy I want to spend my life with. :)

Day 09: My Faith

This is very complicated for me. I was baptized Catholic but I really do not believe in a lot of their beliefs. And I don't really go to church but I do believe in God. I say I am Christian-Seventh Day Adventist.

Day 10: Today I Wore This

I am still in my pajamas. Haha..like I said, I'm having a lazy day!

Day 11: My Siblings

I have a lot. 4 sisters and 3 brothers. And it is very complicated but I will not go into the detail. 2 of my brothers (Shawn and Trent) are my moms kids and 1 sister (Nicole) is my moms kid. The rest are my dads kids who I don't see very often. Jon, Mindy, Kayla and Monica. It's all very confusing and complicated.

Day 12: In My Handbag

Its not really a "handbag" haha but in my purse I have my wallet, 2 checkbooks, a day planner, a comb, perfume, ibuprofen, sunglasses, cell phone (when not at home), pens, camera, and a few other misc items. haha. Its a big purse. lol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Days 03-05

Day 03: My parents

Well I should say parent. I really only grew up with my mom. My dad has a whole lot of kids and lives an hour and a half away. And I am definitely not a top priority to him. He always says he wants to get together with me or he'll call but he does not. He will tell his other children how much he loves them and is proud of them, but not me. Cause, well, he doesn't know me cause he hasn't even really tried to get to know me. But thats okay because my mom and I have a very strong bond. We are like best friends. I don't see her as much now that I live a little farther away, but we do try to get together to go see a movie or go shopping. Most kids don't really like to spend a lot of time with their parents but I enjoy the time with my mom. She is a very wonderful person and she did a wonderful job raising me by herself. I love her very much for all shes done for me.

Day 04: I ate this today

Um so far all I've had today was pizza. Haha..And I had a coke cherry zero to drink. lol

Day 05: What is love?

I think love is where you take the person as they are. You would do anything for that person and they are your best friend. You can sit around and do nothing and just enjoy each others company. You are able to just talk about anything and everything with each other. You can fight and still care for each other. You can be together forever and still get butterflies just seeing them.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 02: My first love.

My first love would be Seth, the man I am currently dating. And honestly, hes only the second guy I've really dated. But with Seth..I feel like it was kind of meant to happen..its a long story. I started working at Copps in Oct. 06..and I worked with him once and awhile..never really talked to him much but I thought he was cute..and at the same time I was thinking in my dreams And then one time at work he was talking to someone else and he had a fiance! I was like well that stinks..haha just thinking funny thoughts to myself cause I had a little crush on him. Well months later is the first time we really talked. This was around April 07. We worked together like all day..and had some good conversations. Well it was like a couple weeks later, this girl who worked with us told me he liked me and she was wondering if I liked him..but I wouldn't answer her..cause I get paranoid and I thought she was pranking me for whatever reason..and I did find out he and his fiancee spilt up. But I still wasn't sure..so I waited and she kept asking me..and finally I admitted I did like him some..and I'd possibly go out with him..then a week later, one day before my 18th birthday me and my best friend Melissa went to Copps and purposely went through his line..and he asked for my number! That was the best moment! And it went from there..he called me that night and we set up a date. He said he was waiting for me to turn 18 cause he was 20 at the time, almost 21..lol..but then about a week later we made it official and we've been together for 3 1/2 years now and I am absolutely in love. I always say getting hired at Copps, even though the job blows, was the best thing cause it brought me to him. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011!

So I haven't been on here in months! I guess not a whole lot has happened. Last thing on here was about getting Doug. Well we've had him for almost 5 months now. He is getting better! Not really peeing in the house like he did, and hes starting to learn new things. Its great!

Well I had a great Holiday season! Sad its already over..theres always so much anticipation and then its gone just like that! But it was a good year. Now on to make 2011 great!

I'll post some pics from the last few months!


Flowers Seth got me on Sweetest day!

Me and my niece Jacinda on Halloween!

Alright so I'll do Day 01 now..About me! :

Alright so my name is Ashlyn, obviously. I am 21 years old. I live in Plover, WI with my boyfriend, Seth. We've been together 3 1/2 years now. Lived together for 2 1/2. We have a dog named Doug. I love to read, and write even thought I'm not the best writer. I love to stay in touch with my Lex girls :) of course. My best friends name is Melissa. She has a 1 1/2 year old son. I love to spend time with my family. I am super close to my mom, sister and niece. My niece it 7 1/2 and we are like best friends! I am not in school right now..I went for a year but didn't know what I wanted, so I stopped instead of wasting money on uncertainty. I would love to go back one day, even to a tech school to get a license or degree in childcare. I grew up with my mom being in childcare since I was 6 months all the way to 17. Its kind of a family thing because all at one time a few years ago my mom, sister and brother worked at the same daycare. I absolutely love kids. They can cheer you up in a matter of seconds. They have no worries or stress. They just live life to the fullest. So one day I hope to work with kids..and one day have one of my own. :)

New Year New Beginnings

I am stealing this from Lily! Since I am never on here. I will try to post as much as possible!

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