Monday, July 19, 2010

The good and bad times

Sooo..some of you may know my cousin was in a pretty good car accident Saturday night. She supposedly swerved to miss a deer or dog and she flipped her car and flew out going 20-30 feet. But I saw the pics of her car today..I think the fact that she wasn't wearing her seat belt saved her life. The car was pretty bad. But anyways..she has some pretty serious injuries. She had blood on the brain, but the doctors aren't doing surgery yet cuz I guess its not bad enough. It should take care of itself. She has a few broken ribs and a collapsed or partially collapsed lung. They put chest tubes in her. Poor girl..she said those hurt like hell. I can just imagine. But its helping..she had so much fluid in her lungs. I went to see her today. When I saw her the first time she was off her drugs so they could give her an epidural. She was in so much pain. Made me wanna cry to see her like that. When we came back later though, she had a test shot of epidural and she was a little happier. The third time, she had her little button thing she can push to get drugs back, and she was pretty happy. Not realizing of course, that that thing only allows so much out. haha..but we had her laughing by the time we left. Me and my mom got her a balloon and a necklace..the necklace was kinda like a charm bracelet where you can put whatever you want on it..well they are little circles called Infinity circles..we got family, strength and smile for her. Oh and I got her a little good luck token. So hopefully things will start to get better soon. I'm not sure how long she'll be in the hospital..but she was moved out of the ICU and into shes getting somewhere. Thanks for all the prayers guys!

So now or something a little more and Seth are going camping tomorrow. I am totally excited. We always go at least once a year. We borrow his dads camper. Its so nice to just get away for a few days!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rain, Lightning, Thunder...and TORNADOES?!

Okay, so I know I've said before that I hate storms. Today has seriously been the worst! It started as I was going to work at 2:30pm. It was dark and rainy. I started work at 3...well it started to get darker out..but by the looks of the radar before work it wouldn't be all that bad. We usually are pretty lucky...not today! Well I was at Copps (the grocery store) today for work. And I took a cart of for parcel (we load the bags into peoples cars at their request if you didnt know) and anyways they have a special entrance for that. Well the doors they have are just like swing doors. As I was standing there looking outside to see how dark it was, I noticed it was raining pretty hard and getting really windy. The door actually came back and hit me. The doors are pretty heavy, so on a normal day it doesn't fly open like that. And the parcel is under a canopy thing..and even standing under it I was getting pretty wet because of the wind. Well I load the car and walk back in. Seth's there talking to me then a manager and he looks outside. And then as I walk back in to where the registers are, this older lady who works there is standing by the customer entrance and she says she doesn't like how the sky is so green..and right after she said that the lights went out!! She screamed..I thought it was kinda funny..we have a generator..even tho the actual lights came back on like 45 secs later. Then the manager makes the announcement..theres a Tornado warning. I HATE tornadoes. This has only happened one other time..and that time wasn't this bad. Well that time we had hail..this time we didn't. But this time they made everyone go back to the bathrooms and the hallway by them. We stood there for like 20-30 mins. But they were keeping us updated and they said a tornado was spotted in Nekoosa...which is where my mom lives. Like a 10 min drive from Wisconsin Rapids where Copps is. I freaked out and started crying because Nekoosa is sooo small and my mom works nights so I wasn't sure if she would be sleeping. I feel foolish for crying..but I am uber close to my mom and I was worried. Luckily Seth had his cell cause mine was in our break room. So I called my mom..and she was so clueless about it. She didn't even know there was a tornado. But I still told her to go to the basement, haha, but she said it had pretty much passed. But was quite a day. At least I got half an hour to stand around. lol. And I'm still not sure where the Tornado even was, cause every says something different. They had to close Wal Mart because it lost people came to us. I wish we'd lost power so we could go home. Haha..but then even on my way home at was lightning again..the first one was from like 545-615..and its still raining pretty hard and lightning. Its 130 am. This is just insane for us. We never have this many storms back to back, and for like weeks. We've had so many storms this month. Luckily not all this bad..but it feels like we're in Oklahoma or Kansas.

I just had to tell you all was just so crazy..I am not used to this kind of stuff! This is why I could never live in Oklahoma or Kansas or anywhere where this is normal. lol

Monday, July 12, 2010


So, I don't know if this will make sense, but what really annoys me is when someone goes to see a movie, such as Eclipse and bitches about how shitty it is. It bothers me when these people have never even read the book. So they really have no clue. I hate how people will get into a movie just cause its got hot actors and its popular. Try reading a book once in awhile. If you've read the book and didn't like it, thats okay..but honestly, you probably have no clue if you havent even read the book. People who think reading is lame but then love a movie about the book annoy the crap out of me. Stop being lazy and read!

Okay..just had to get that out there.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My first Eclipse viewing!

Alright so..before I read anyone elses thought I need to ramble on about my own. I went today at the 1230 showing with my 7 year old niece Jacinda. We got to see it on the mega screen! Woot! :)

Anyways..lets begin.

I have to say I LOVED the beginning. I thought it was very creative and different for them to start with Riley and not be focused on Bella right away. And may I say Riley is a total cutie!

The meadow scene..I still dont feel the chemistry 100% and its KStews fault. Rob was great. But the actual field was beautiful!!!

I love anything with Charlie. He always makes it funny! Like when Bella says shes still a virgin. Then he says he likes Edward a little more because of that. Nice little laugh there. lol

The scene with Bella and her mom was done very well, I thought. Pretty touching. Probably one of the better scenes Kristen did. I actually almost had a tear.

Also, I liked how they took us to Seattle and showed us what Riley and the newborns were up to. I have to say I like how they didnt make this a "Lets follow Bella around the whole time" deal.

The flashbacks were wonderful! It was awesome to see Rosalie and Jasper's story...oh Jasper. I loved having more of him. I loved when he was teaching the others about killing newborns. And his playfulness with Alice. So cute!

Rosalie's hair..MUCH BETTER! Although her eyebrows bugged me.

The action---AMAZINGLY AWESOME! I seriously went to the edge of my seat to watch it. I loved when the Cullens were chasing Victoria through the woods. And the fight at the end. So very well done!

Oooh and of course. I liked how when the vampires limbs were ripped off it actually looked like ice underneath. At first I was a little put back..but when I thought about it I was like wow...thats actually cool. Since they are so cold and like Rosalie said they are "frozen."

Oh and the Bella/Jacob kiss. The first one was funny as hell! The second one...well seemed to me they had more chemistry then KStew and RPattz which is a problem.

I know I am missing many things I should say. There was just so much in this movie. Oh I liked Jessica's graduation speech. lol. So true! haha..but yeah..

Ooooh I felt sooooo bad for Bree at the end. She was so scared and helpless. Now I don't know if I'll be able to read her book. :( Poor girl. I hate Jane. haha

Oh yeah and the story Billy told..I like how it showed us then at the end with Bella cutting herself to save was cool to see both parts. And of course looooved when Edward killed Victoria...but poor Riley..killed because of her. Bitch! lol

ANNNND OF COURSE! The tent scene. It was done so well. Like I think almost word for word from the book. Pretty close. Thats what I loved..this time around I felt like we were closer to the book than any of the others.

So I know I am missing stuff but I'll finish for now..But just gotta tell you all what my niece said. Well first she asked if I was team Edward or team Jacob..and I said Edward. And she kinda sighs and is like..oh I'm Jacob. lol Then after the movie I asked her what she thought. She said she liked it...except for the kissing. HAHA